How to Start A Cat Fish Farming In Netherlands

Starting a fish farming business in Netherlands is a kind of business that you can start from small scale to large scale business within a range of minimal years. Starting a cat fish farming in Netherlands is one of the most lucrative and profitable business. Since the aquaculture business had change its state.                                                 

Aquaculture had been serving the world with the best seafood since thirty years now. And probably if fish farming should quit, you will loose the daily taste of sea food across the globe. While planning to start your own fish farming in Netherlands. While starting out in becoming well known like Zon Aaua farming or Anova food or well popular like the fishion processor in Netherlands, there are some fundamental things you must not avoid which endorsed this content.                       

As an aquacultural farmer planning to start, this is the ways you need to take before starting fully and well-recognized. Enjoy!                                                        


Since it's an aspect of farming, land is very vital nomatter how small or large you'd wished to commence it. As an aspiring aquacultural farmer, you are entitled to buy a land of about a plot of 100 by 100sq/m. This is very important because most operations of your business depends solely on land. Thousands of euro could actually make you achieve your dream. Most especially, it is advisable to get land beside a river or a stream, a swampy area is also advisable incase you find no riverside.                                Don't be cheated, do proper research, so that it won't cause problems in the future while your business had start flourishing and problems arose from the spring of wrong purchase of land, so do your findings properly!                                                                                      

Moving gradually from the part of buying your land to the part of building your pond is a cheering thought. No matter the case maybe, if you had researched and bought the land, then building your pond is necessary. At this point, it is advisable to build a cement-based pond if it seemed that you are unable to get a riverside where you will be sure of water then you will need to; Dig a borehole: fish farming needs high availability of water system, and that is why it would be better to dig a a borehole, drilling equipment is what the engineers will use, call them for their services. That's is the safest and most confidential source of water apart from the river. 
     After that, make sure your pond is well built enough to accommodate large numbers of cat fish since they needed good and conducive environment for breeding. 50ft by 50ft pond with 7ft depth is advisable so that there could be sure safety.  

Create a protection: apart of setting the pond well, you need to keep your cat fish from deadly and dangerous hazards of reptiles like snake, giant lizards and many others. Then on of the best thing to do is to make use of protective nets. Use it as guard around the edges of the upright pond with approximately 4 feet tall to make sure safety of the cat fishes.                                                

Another way to protect the pond is to fumigate the environment with pesticides, insecticide and reptiles-proof chemicals. It is advisable to meet a professional in the field, so as to learn the necessary things on the fields. After making a success in these, the next thing you need to do is;                                                                             

Buying your juvenile fishes from a reliable personnel is very important because, it is at this point, you are going to make true your business vision. 7-9 weeks juvenile weighing 7-15gram is advisable to be paid for. Don't let the fear of investment weigh you down, it quickly kill your passion plus vision. Buy the numbers your pocket can withstand and move on to set them at farm!                                                 

A professional could help you stock them in place and you could set it yourself or probably your employees who knows few about fishery around your city in Netherlands.                                                                                

There are some specialised environment where you can probably set an high pace of buying your fish feed.They are still small, so you would need a well treated and nutritious feed to aid their growth and development, feed them regularly, atleast 12 times a day is better. Don't be stingy, it will only kill them on time, without making the real time of harvest come.                                                        


At this point, you might probably need to place a banner of your farm, if yes them, you must be ready to register your business no Matter how your business might seemed. Make rooms for better ways to come in by registering, you only need hundreds of euro to place your name on the list of cat fish dealer. Documents of registration would be presented to you. Then you can actually start out big!                

Hurah! Your cat fish business in Netherlands had been installed , all you need to do is to stand up and advertise that you sell and market cat fish around your locality in Netherlands. Harvest time is coming when they will be big enough to taste! More money! More protein! Start now!