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How To Start Cocoa Export Business In Nigeria

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     Cocoa is one of the lucrative and most trending raw products that can be use in manufacturing beverages across the globe. No matter your location, I would love it, if you can read this piece patiently to uncover the content within.                               

Are you having the money to start cocoa exporting? Do you really love the process of this business and you would like to start? Then all you need to do is to stay calm because this is the junction where you will read in details, how to start cocoa exporting business.                          Don't panic and don't be exhausted in your thinking, if you need to start this business, there are some dos and don'ts of the business, which you can never escape while proposing for its start.                    

Do you know that the way you transact with a local cocoa dealer is widely different from the way you will transact with an international client. For instance the cost would definitely vary, the time for delivery would and that is why you need to fully prepare before loading those sacks of cocoa into the trailers or ship.    


The following are the best ways to follow if you really want to venture into cocoa exporting business.           


Sorry if I had not talk about harvesting the cocoa or running after the farmer. Cocoa exporting business is a very wide and vast business which you need to be aware of. Meeting professionals, attending seminars and workshop will be advisable before starting anything in the business.                 

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Invest in the knowledge, pay the money for teaching and tutorials before rushing out to start the business. It is very important to note that, many companies have failed because they failed to take the knowledge acquisition aspect important. No matter the kind of intelligence you might formerly possess. Rush out to grab the knowledge before starting anything.

If truly you are quite among those that needed the knowledge, then I would advice you to stay calm and identify the principles you need to use. Is it one man business, affiliate one.  Do you need to buy it from people locally from farm or you wish to get it directly from your farm.   How much will you be able to sell?

And at this point, you are going to implement your recent acquired knowledge. Don't be too aggressive, it takes cordial measure so start calmly.                                                               

Congratulation in advance! You are starting gradually. You need to understand that exporting business entails some legal document and license to back your travelling up. Export Management Company- EMC and Export Trading Company- ETC. They are the legalized sectors of government that ensures the appropriate and rightful running of the business as they ensure trustworthiness between the two partners like the buyer and the seller.            

The amount for running this registration varies from one country to the other and that's why you need to be careful so as not to be cheated. Start gradually, register and the next thing you need to do is to;                                                           


Nose for competent and qualified buyers, companies that are worth associating with must be your target. Don't go for riches but trusted value that enrichs your business as at when due.                     Researching is very important so that you won't go out selling at the wrong price or partnering with the wrong companies.                                                      


Do you wish to sell to the north or to the south, do you wish to travel by land or by sea. Make the necessary enquiries from qualified personnel. They worth it, have a target, don't just invest but have a purpose, don't just sell but have a market target and through this your cocoa exporting business is going to last in market being known worldwide.

You could actually buy cocoa from suppliers and you could export cocoa you produce. No Matter the case maybe. Start trading, after your lengthy and days of preparation, selling is the main angle for making your months of investment come true. Bodies regulating the exporting charges will surely give you a stipulated date and how to start your business. They will source for partners all over the world for your sake, they will ensure you are also selling the best kind of cocoa to such company. They will write out that proposal for you and all you need to do is to get the stock available and the transportation must be registered for.                                    
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Don't forget the employees are the key helpers which you must never omit while processing your cocoa exporting business.             Though it takes a Personal Assistant in the field to help you so that you won't take the wrong step.   

How do you expect yourself to invest with millions and later discover you have no one in the field to buy your stock. It is painful and killing. Don't allow that to rock your market, you must be competent enough to set things right, convince the buyers that your own stock is the best in market. Tell them that there is no cocoa farmer as good as you are. 

The above steps are genuine, endeavor to take them serious if you are actually on the verge to earn millions of money month ends. Be real, be original. Start now, take the bold step to reach your determined height! 

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