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Top 5 Business Ideas for Civil Servants in Nigeria

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Are you searching for ways to start any profitable small business as a civil servant in Nigeria but don't know where, which and how to go by it? Are you passionate about entrepreneur but you are a public officer already? Do you want reliable home based and lucrative business opportunities in Nigeria ? Either it as part-time or full time basis this comprehensive article is for a civil servant like you who want to venture into business because of reasons that are gigantic and enormous to mention today. Maybe a topic for another time.

This article is going to serve as an eye opener and massive business opportunities for Nigerian civil servants who have been struggling to make money apart from the unstable salary- what a pity! Don't let this opportunity slide you by, pick one today and kick start because tomorrow may be too late. I warned!

1. Poultry Farming 
This, I must say, is a reliable cum lucrative business opportunity any civil servant in Nigeria, irrespective of the level can venture into without serving as hindrance to the disposal of the office work. Regardless of where you work or the ministry you held in the government agency or office, going into poultry farming is no a bad business opportunity or idea for you. 

Frankly speaking, less interest has been shown into rearing of poultry birds because many believes that it's a dirty work- poultry dumps do stink and smell badly. What a pity! The advantages of keeping birds surpass the disadvantages- greatly. 

As an individual or civil servant  going after this profitable business will later be like a blessing in disguise because of the return input you would make. You have the privilege to trade your poultry outputs to your colleagues as your real prospects and potential customers on your poultry produce ranging form birds, eggs, fish and host of other poultry related animals.

2. Recharge card dealer

Except if the day refuses to break that is when over average Nigerian (more than 75 million) won't recharge there cell phones. Adding to the number of this team of airtime or recharge card dealers doesn't eradicate you away from being a civil servant. 

To get yourself acquainted with this, it doesn't required you to have any special training, plus little capital can make wave if you can't afford to start big. Thanks to technology, you can print the vouchers yourself and distribute them to your prospect wholesalers. 

At the same point in time, you can sell the recharge card in pieces when you reach your office, even your superior would definitely love and adorn this business of yours. Why? because him himself would become your potential consumer.

3.Event planner

Only God can tell the exact number of ceremony that do unfold in Nigeria- mostly on weekends. Maybe ten of thousands, I supposed! This business idea will thrive well under the control of a civil servant than anyone else. Why? Because civil servant are exposed and prone to meet new people everyday. This avenue can be a place for advertising your business.

Since weekends are holiday for civil servants, go out on saturdays and maybe on sundays to design and decorate wedding and other on point ceremonial programs. This business is very trivial and easy to run with a token to purchase the materials needed and that's all.

4. Cake Baking

If  actually you are tired of waiting till the month end before spending and at the same time can't tolerate the mess of borrowing money again as a civil servant in Nigeria, cake baking is a good business idea I would love to introduce to you.

Every blessed day, people continue to throw their hands up in the air, rejoicing and jubilating with their love ones in the name of celebrating  their birthday. This can't be accomplish without a cake. What those this anecdote means? It means your service as a cake baker will seriously be in need of and high demand.

Taking up this business as a part time job won't affect you at work because the baking can be done after you are back from office. All you are needed to do is to go for the art if you are new in baking.

Having done this, you need to create awareness and you can begin in your office by informing your colleagues at work, family and friends, acquaintance or neighbors and others; through them, you would win more customers who will patronize you through relatives and friends  referral. Cake baking and making isn't costly to start as well as required less energy to use.

5. Freelancing

If your writing prowess is unique and extraordinary freelancing is a better option you can diversify into as a civil servant whose salary is epileptic, seizure and not up to date paid. Surf the net and pitch several bloggers to take up many contents/gigs to write about on the niche you are good at and make your cool earning through it. Interesting, isn't it?

So, if you are really sure and so versed in writing, it is advisable you take this freelance business and make money shortly after your service is being rendered.

Nigeria economy is no smiling, and no one is left untouched. Including the civil servant are the brunt bearer of this ugly scenario. Endeavor to pick up one- at least -out of the aforementioned business ideas and stop depending fully on your monthly payment before you eat, pay rent, children tuitions and the likes.


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