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Top 10 Fastest Growing Businesses in Nigeria

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 While starting out any business in any part of Nigeria, you need to fathom and cordially nose for the most lucrative and fastest one in town so that you won't invest in a dull and tomorrow-dying business. Talking about the best business outside there, they aren't salutary until they are the fastest business in this giant of Africa, Nigeria. Many investors like you are too watching over the best business that could rake in money instead of the long lasting one which could probably sustain them for lifetime.
Though you might be part of them but, I'm going to unveil the extra-fast business that you can start tomorrow with actually low income. Basically, you might have been hearing about these businesses but here are the 10 fastest growing business ideas in Nigeria which I will advice you to invest in now!;                    
1. Cement business 

yes! Don't expect me to say the one in your mind. Since the advent and growth in building and construction works, cement business had been rocking the world of business.          With as low as #100,000 you can start this business in an area close to new sites and a marketable junction. It grows well in state like Lagos, Oyo, Osun and lots more.   Taping into this business is also lucrative and it grows within 3-6 months of your start depending on your premises and target.                                                       

2. Agricultural Food production

 Can you do in a day without eating? No! And that's the number one reason you need to start this business. Conversion of food crops into raw edible kind must be your target. All you need is a token and a small room for processing and producing foods. Foods like  groundnut oil, rice, frozen poultry, frozen livestock, cassava flakes and lots more is faster than any other business. Building a biological and knowledgeable training is profitable while starting this business. It takes at least 4 months to grow standard in this business depending on the scale and targets.                                           

3. Security business

 Have you ever seen an hotel or bank hiring a police man or an army for security? Definitely No! Starting a security outfit where companies, organisations and individuals could come to while in need of security guards is good. While starting this business, you only need competent hefty men- tall and capable, to handle the job. Your first hire pays you your first rate of growth.   This business rakes in a lot of money and connection through out Nigeria, if you wholeheartedly and passionately do it.

4. Exportation business 
I know you must have been awaiting me to say this and here is it. Starting an exportation business in Nigeria, you need a proffered stock to be export like bitter kola, coal, gall stones, cocoa produce and lot more must be your concentration. Also you need a license and travelling document which would allow you to start legally. Connection is the basis of this business and within a short range of 6 months, you will be widely known across Nigeria and not just fame but rewarding riches.                                                                                          
5. Real Estate 
if you are the type that loves to buy and sell lands and houses then these business might be your fate. It equally entails the buying of properties and leaving it for years to appreciate and then sell for higher prices compare to the latter price.                             Starting this business needs you to be capital intensive and with it you can probably make the best gain and fame through it. Don't forget while striving for growth, money, fame, honesty is the fundamental foundation of this business, if you truly want to make it great in this business.    
6. Haulage business
What does this means? It entails the use of truck to deliver product, hiring truck and any imaginable diversions. I've seen men making millions annually from this business because with this business many people could be ideally successful. For instance, you bought a truck and gave it to a driver to manage it for you. Either for disposition of gravel, granite, sands and other company products to their destinations and through this you could make the best money. However, licensing and good vehicular engines is the most acceptable one and would advice you to go for it. 
7. E-Business
the internet had captured every bit of appreciation needed by man like it's informative, educating , entertainment, connection builder and most importantly money making.                                                 You could start as a freelancer in any aspect like marketing, content writing, blogging, web designing, mobile apps developer, e-store and lots more could be your niche. Investing in any of this business entail your ability to manipulate the computer system like laptops, p.c and smartphone is the basis of this business. You could surf online for more online business ideas and probably making your way through one. No matter your choice, it grows within the range of 2-6 months depending on the vast one chosen.  
8. Sales of alternative power supply
solar panels and generators had replaced the disappointments from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria-PHCN. You could invest in selling or hiring any other source of alternative power supply to individual and industries making your huge income from it, it also bring forth more growth. Mikano and Power jet are example of companies here and you could be noted out too, if you actually have the knowledge and passion to run it.                                          

9. Facilities management
there had been poor management of homes,offices and companies' facilities, you could be a guardian or instructor in this particular field by lending helpful theoretical and practical tips on extreme maintenance of of facilities. Investing in this business need your months of experience and foremost your workmanship ability with people so as to grow well in this Nigeria.  
10. Event planner and Déco business
have you ever imagined who furnished that event and wedding with ideas and decoration. Well! Don't rack segments of your brain, it is someone like you who is able to manipulate and put in to use the needed talent and that is why you are able  to love it. You need days of backgrounds before starting this business and thereafter, thousands of naira await your investment.              

Taking casual and fast step towards the businesses above is our joy! Smile and pick the one you prefer as you act out growing greatly! Thanks!

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