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Four Major Online Money Making Ideas for Everyone

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There are a lot of business opportunities online, trust me, and I have tried out a very large number of it for myself. I have gone from the first extreme of online business to the other and I still await a new idea of online business that would come to blow me out of the water in the sense that I am yet to hear of it or try it out. Something with these businesses online is that you tend to get exploited when you start and this, they would do a lot. You could complete some offer online and not get paid or even get paid an amount you can’t cash out while some people would offer you cents for a survey that would take your time. Still, I maintain that you can generate a very stable income online. How then, you ask?

1.      Sell an e-Book
There is always that one thing that you know how to do and are very good in but someone else isn’t, and they would be willing to pay to get that piece of information. It might be on how to start a business, how to plan an event, how to go about fashion, organise a show or what have you. What you need to do is get the proper research done and then articulate all of your thoughts into one single book. Make it clean, make it personal and make it practical also and you would be amazed at how much you would be raking in monthly, sorry, weekly and daily, from the sales you would be getting, and its passive too.

2.      Affiliate marketing
I am always very wowed when I find out that my friends who operate blogs, and successful ones too which generate a reasonable amount of traffic, haven’t heard of affiliate marketing and they just let all of that influx of people to waste. If you do not own a blog, now mightbe a good time to rethink that idea and create one. Have a niche that you would be based on and stat to market productswithaffiliate links too. You could even talk about one of the things the vendor your marketing sells and guess what?  You get paid commission on EVERY UNIT of product they buy via your link

3.      Bulk SMS sales
One of the things that I love most about having a bulk SMS business is that it can be done by anyone and everyone, not like some businesses that requires you to have a Ph.D. in computer sciences. All you need to do is set up our own website (which can also be done for you by your wholesaler), buy some units of bulk SMS and start to sell it to those that would need it. you have schools, churches and other big establishments around you and they always need this. Why not meet their needs and your own financial needs at the same time?
4.      Develop a game/ application
You might have been part of the people who played Temple Run a lot, use WhatsApp and Instagram on the daily and is also patiently expecting when Pok√©mon Go would land in your region. If you could just take a minute out, go check how much the developers of these apps and games have made so far and it would amaze you that from a few lines of codes comes a lot of billions. Even if you can’t code but you have a million-dollar (even billion dollar) idea, just get out there an assemble a team of gifted developers that can help make your dream an actual thing.

There you have it folks. Think there is anyone we left out? Let’s discuss it in the comments box.

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