How Not To Lose Your Money to Shady Investments This New Year

Here is where we talk about investments, being the home for the entrepreneurs and investors, but it would also be nice if for once, we take a break and talk about how some of us lose our money, the ones we earned from legit toils, and put them into programs that we although have been warned about, would end up getting the better of us. This is an opinion piece and while the contents here express only the mind of the author and nothing else, I believe that you would follow with me and even though you fail to openly agree with it, you would know in one part of your heart that what has been said here is the truth and gospel.

Without naming any plan or anyone and keeping this post as objective and less sentimental as possible, we should recall that sometimes in the history of this country came what was known as wonder banks and oh, did they promise to make us rich? They were everywhere, springing up at almost the same time and all of them were trying to outdo themselves, get more customers to themselves all in the name of making people rich at all costs. Truth be told, many people broke even this way and made a fortune but on the downside, a lot more people lost more than what they could regain in a little space of time and that led to a lot of deaths, mental disturbances and much more debt that some could fathom.

Right now, and right here again in this country, we are facing the same issues and we now have those wonder banks are here again but we are so blind to see it. We have been blinded not only by greed, which truly has a major role in what is happening around now, but also by what our governments have made us into. They have, through the controlled economic recession that they have created for reasons best known to them, made us hungry for our former lines and we would do anything to get some funding for keeping up appearances again. These are the two things that these wonder banks and Ponzi schemes need to prey on our intelligence and cart away all of our money in the end.

Just a few days ago, one that has gotten very popular among Nigerians decided that it would stop paying out money to its participants for some shady reason and while they would have been believed, the mere fact that they still left the platform open for people to pay in was the most surprising factor. If you would be preventing people from cashing out their money and the matured 30% interest that you so promised, why would you be open for collections?
Another one started up and promise even better value for money, telling you they would double your donations in bitcoins in a space of just 14 days. It sounded too good to be true but after it had operated for a month and people had started to hear testimonies from their friends, they went there to invest heavily too and oh boy, did that website just crash?

Many more like these are still out there and people are still being blind to it. Many of them are even advising us to come invest fast and make back our losses fast. In my opinion, thy just want to be the final straw that breaks the back of your camel, and I would advise you to sulk in peace and lick your wounds rather than fall a victim again.

This too, shall pass, and there would be another time in another year when wonder banks would rise again but be not deceived then. Once bitten, twice shy.


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