Online Business Opportunities for Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs

A number of people are looking for a way to get financially free and independent by taking to online businesses and even though there are a lot out there that promise to make you free from your financial troubles, only a few people have actually made it in those fields. However, this does not mean that the time is here to give up in your quest and go grab a suitcase, no. With a little bit of creativity infused into your craft, these are five different ventures that have been perfectly streamlined for you which could, in a matter of time, ensure that you never have to worry about keeping a regular nine to five anymore.

1. Blogging
This is one of the openings on the internet that gives the highest returns on your investment, when we say investment here, we are not talking about money because there is only little your money can do when it comes to blogs. You would need to invest more time, energy and commitment than you would need to invest money if you want your blog to work out at all. Pick a niche, which should not only be something that people are attracted to but something you have love and passion for as that would keep you going in the end. In a matter of time, you would be blogging your way to the banks too

2. E-commerce
People are now starting to trust the internet more and with that trust these days comes the preference to buy things online than people would do in brick and mortar stores. From the comfort of your bedroom, you could create an e-commerce store, get companies to list their goods and products on it and then push it to people. Offer products and services at reduced process, offer discounts and make a good delivery policy. Little by little, you could build a very large account balance from home.
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3. Freelancing
Is there any skill you have but you think you might not be able tosell it? It could be writing, making videos, reviews, graphics designing and the likes, and you could be making a lot from it. You don’t need to havegone to a school or hold a certificate or this before you can make money from it. The best thing with freelancing is, you dent get signed up to work for one person only and you can take up as many clients as you want. The great thing is that you also get to set your own rates and hours, so beyour own boss and make money while at it

4. Social Media Manager
If you have a very good online presence on social media, you could have noticed that a lot of big businesses and personalities have accounts too and you might have wondered how they get the chance to run these accounts. It’s simple – they hire a social media manager – and you could be one too. With the right connection, all you would be required to do is be online (something you already love to do) and interact professionally with the followers of their account, keeping it engaging and flowing. That’s like getting paid for what you’d normally do for free, for yourself.

5. WordPress development
Website design and development used to be a real pain in the behind till WordPress came along and changed the whole game. Now, you can get a full website up and running in minutes. As easy as this sounds though, some bloggers have challenges with making some tweaks and adjustments to theirwebsites and if you are versed in the WordPress coding language, this is a very big chance for you to break even. You can offeryour services to international clients and get paid in hard currencies (which has a great value against the naira now) or just source for clients to tend to in your own locale. Whatever rocks your boat

Another year is upon us and with the way the world is already tending towards the internet and businesses online, this might be time for you to also consider a move on there.


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