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Top 10 Best Paid Online Survey Sites for Money

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How many of us here have, at one point or the other in our lives, taken up a survey and filled it for free? Maybe you have even done it for a friend or taken it up from a stranger just for the thrill of it. What we are here to ask you today is that while you have your fun, do someone the favour of getting their survey filled and also get your thrills too, did you know that you can make some legit money from this venture online too?
When most people hear about online business, they automatically have their minds configured to think that you are referring to one kind of scamar the other and that should not be so. This venture for example, has been in existence for very long time now and you would be amazed that some of those we will be introducing you to have been around and paying for close to 20 years now. See the level of trust that you can put in them now? How about we just introducing you to quality platforms and get to the part where you start earning from doing online surveys?

1. SurveyHead
Having been around since the year 2007, this is one of the most legit survey business out there. When you get there and sign up, it could take you a while before you start to get assignments and truly become part of the family but after that first survey, you are not going back. For the lucky ones, we have heard of those that got and completed their own surveys as soon as they signed up and guess what? They got up to $5 that instant.

2. Toluna
Having a longer standing date due to the fact that it was founded in 1999, this is one of the leading platforms out there and it boasts of over 6 million members, of which there is still the chance for you to join if you are interested. They have been known to pay their first-time members within the first one and a half months of registration and there have never been any bad reports about them too. For that number of years, you should be impressed.

3.  YourSay
Likewise, another old platform like the ones we have been talking about, they allow you register for free and you can start getting surveys that instant also. The average survey they would give to you should not take more than 15 minutes of your time at an instant and or your efforts, you can earn up to $10 and more which would be instantly credited and would reflect in your account.

4. HarrisPoll
HP has been around for something more than 50 years now and what we love about them is the fact that they pay whatever you earn daily. They also have an extension to their payments, allowing you to use your cash to purchase things from restaurants or online platforms like iTunes.

5. SurveySavvy
As the name must have already implied, these ones too are all about the survey business. Here, there is a referral program active which enables you to even gain more as your downline get more and more active with the platform. Their minimum cash out has also been set at $1 which is a very impressive feature here.

Asides from those listed above, there Aare also others like SpiderMetrix, Permission Research, Global Test Market and the likes who offer legit services and would love to have you. If you are not resident in their countries too, you could easily cash out your earnings with PayPal or any other applicable e-wallet.


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