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7 Ways to Improve Your Blogging and Get More Visitors

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Right here on Abode Business Online, we have always advocated for our entrepreneurs to go into not only offline businesses but also, told them to set up shop online as this s one of the means in which a lot of people are making it big these days. We have done a lot of pots on the subject of online businesses and if you have checked out some of our options in the past, chances are that you would fall into the category of those that have embraced blogging. Like we have said in the past also, blogging is a venture that requires more of your time and commitment and if you are feeing drained, we get your hustle, but you just have to go on. To make things easier on you, we have compiled a very practical list on what you should do to grow your blog.


1. The Purpose of the blog
To make your blog convincing to people at all, you must have made sure that it is convincing to even you. This is because you cannot give what you do not have and you can only blog effectively and successfully on a topic/ niche that you can personally relate to. For some, its fashion. For others, it could be entertainment, sports, technology, business, law or what have you. The truthis that you can never run out of niches and it is left to you to find one you can personally key into.

2. Social Media
If you want your blog to grow very well, one of the aspects of the internet that you need to embrace fully is the social media aspect. This is because each social media platform serves as a house to a lot ofpeople and sharing your poststherewouldgive for easy access to your content and further sharing. Imagine the amount of views and hits you would get from a reader getting to read your work and sharing it to their own followers andfriends to, creating a ripple effect that would all be to your advantage

3.      Keywords! Keywords!! Keywords!!!
If you have been in the business of writing for a while, you might have at one time come across the saying that while content is queen, keyword is the king of any work. When users want to get a piece of information on the internet and look to search engines for help, there are specific keywords that they would use. If you can smartly pick out these keywords and lay them within your posts, you would be putting these search engine users at your mercy. This mean that youget ranked high in search results and we all know that the first page is where majority of people look at

4. Communicate
Not only are reader fascinated by your content, they look out for the style of writing that you embrace. It has been found that those who write in a conversation tone tend to get the most readers. This is because they carry the readers along at every point of the way and make them feel important. If you take a brutish approach to writing and just lay out your points in a matter of factly manner, that might just be why you have been losing readership.

5. Join the Conversation.
One of the biggest mistakes that bloggers are bound to make is dropping a post and not caring about what their users say in the comments box. Run your blog as more of a telephone conversation and not just a radio talk show where only you get to talk. Rub minds with your users, let them know their inputs are valued and that you keep in touch with what they say. You would not only be building a steady readership but also, might be hinted into a topic for the next post from what comes out of a discussion with a reader.

6. Uniqueness of Content
You might be doing everything right but if you are not generating and developing your own content yourself, you could be setting yourself up for some trouble with blogging. Normally, search engines would not rate you high at all if they find out that all you do is copy and paste or copy, tweak a little and paste content. The blogs that do very well are those that generate pure and original content, and doing this would put in good SEO favours for you also.

7. What do you think?

We could not have covered everything here so we wold like to know what you feel should be done to improve a blog better too. Remember, no one is an island of knowledge. Happy commenting.


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