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Business Lessons We Should Learn From Oprah Winfrey

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Stories of famous successful individuals are not really for show but for us to be provoked, motivated and also learn from it. Life Stories are good ways to motivate the mind. Sometimes we go through various situations and we feel tempted to quit but the fact that we have heard and seen proves of 1 or 2 persons we are motivated and challenged to go further and with much excitement. Sometimes also we might be too weak to encourage ourselves or find the right individuals to motivate us that is true! This is where that your famous and successful individual who has passed through that similar trial can be your inspiration and motivator. 

Now let us take a look at this post and get a glimpse of what was deduced from Oprah winfrey’s biography. Please read on

Get that passion out of you and channel it into your career path. It is important to passionately love every career path we choose for maximum result. There is a great and special force in loving what you do. When you love your job, you know about the job and you do it better, you also have your style and you come out unique when you so love your job. These are all deduced from Winey Oprah’s story. Many of us as individuals do not really like what we do so we get frustrated and regretful and discouraged sometimes. 

When you dislike what you do you really do not reach that great potential or height whichever way we put it. Passion is always a traceable point to success. Passion brings out the best in you. With your passion you stand out and uniquely different. This is what I can see in Oprah Winfrey’s story. In loving what you do you come out different with style. 

Never stay in your past. Many of us, most especially ladies live mostly in our past, we regret things done to us or what we never did right and we blame ourselves even when we are not at fault. For  Oprah  Winfrey to reveal her past to the world as a rape victim is not for her to get sympathy or become a celebrity but to make us learn and believe that even the victim can raise head that high if only we are determined to. This does not apply to rape victims alone but various hurting issues such as the death of a loved one or bread winner, a failed marriage , an abused wife to mention a few. What I deduced from Oprah Winfrey’s story is that we can always come out of every negative past we have experienced. From her it is very important and essential we come out of our past. Living in the past makes you feel loaded with pains. She is an example of using her past to heal others and help others. Your past should be a lesson you can learn from and move forward no matter what. Break out from that past. When you come out of it you are free. Living in your past is a bondage that is not good for anybody. Living in the past makes you loose the time and energy of becoming someone’s role model and also you living a wonderful life.  When you come out of your past you see a light and you have the opportunity to heal others.  

Make giving your life style. Oprah Winfrey gives so well. There is just a positive attraction when you give so well. Givers will always never lack. That is the truth that is the law or rules whichever way you put it. When you give out you are positioned to be at the upper hand. Giving is essential for a blessed future not just giving because we feel we should just spend a little but giving as a privilege, given to you by God. When you give, God who is the source refills you more because He knows that is not just for only you but for others. Obviously, many successful individuals I have seen and heard of give freely with no pressure. That is because they know what is attached to it.  Oprah Winfrey is not excluded! 

So these are my deduced lessons from my little study of Oprah winfrey. Do not hesitate to also make your list and check out your famous successful individuals, their struggles and humble beginnings for motivation and focus. Cheers!

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