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SME Data Reseller: How to Start Data Sharing Business

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In our previous post on the top business, sector entrepreneurs can invest into, we listed Telecommunication as one of such top earning business sectors.  If you have missed that article I suggest you visit it using the link: Top Ten Business Sectors
Telecommunication has made billionaires in a short while. Am not referring just to the owners or CEOs of the network providing companies, am talking about ordinary citizens like you and me in our respective countries. Telecommunication since inception has and will remain a cold mine.
The good news about this sector is that they are a countless number of ways you can earn from it with little or no stress.  Yes, you heard me, with little or no stress I said it again. Now to clarify your doubt on this statement- Are you aware that many tech savvy individual and entrepreneurs have made millions just from sending short code messages? Now, if you have received a message from 55032 or the likes asking you to subscribe to one service or the other ( which am guessing you willingly did)  you and many others have contributed in making the owner of such code a millionaire.
If you are interested in this shortcode business we have written a comprehensive article on how to start. You can read it here: How to SetUp Shortcode Business In Nigeria And Make Money

Today, we are going to be exposing yet another business that is trending and currently making many rich so you can invest into it and earn handsomely too.
This business requires no office, no physical product no does it need huge investment capital. You don’t even need to have a laptop nor a desktop, with your simple Android phone you can easily start. So what then is this business, its DATA SHARING BUSINESS?

When the mobile phone first came, it was all about talking to someone at a distant thus involved just recharge cards, which turned into a business, many invested and earn and are still earning from it. Today, due to the evolution of civilization and technology trend the need to access information and other fun online is on the increase. Now everybody wants to chat, we want to access the latest news, download the latest videos and upload our photos and do so much more on the internet of which all this requires DATA. Now many spend thousands of Megabytes of data daily and will still spend more and the online world has become a reality. Now, as an entrepreneur lets think together: what’s the population of this nation? How many own smartphones ( even more than one phone)? How many access the internet on daily basis, to make it easy for you just calculate from you very self and friends around, you are using data if you are reading this. Thus to say the need for DATA subscription is high and on the increase thus if you are to invest you are sure of lucrative returns.

Quickly, what is data share business?
Data share business is simply buying Data plans from the different Network providers ( in the case of Nigeria MTN, Glo, Etisalat ) and resell to other network users for a calculated fee.
From all indication data, share business is a lucrative business judging from the millions Nigerians spend on Data on daily basis.

How to Start

For illustration: MTN Data Share Business:

To start Mtn data share business you will need to migrate to MTN SME DATA SHARE PLAN. 
To Migrate Send 465 to 131


  1. 10GB @ 10,000
  2. 20GB @ 18,000
  3. 50GB @ 42,000
  4. 75GB @ 52,500
Now you want to sell your acquired data, this is how you do it:
 Dial *461# and reply with 5 (Which mean sending/sharing data with someone else – your customer). After that you will:
  1. Share 250M
  2. Share 500M
  3. Share 750M
  4. Share 1GB
 Select the one you want to sell out.

Other Network providers follow just about the same process. if you have any question or inquiries, please feel free to use the comment box below or you can simply head over to our forum to create a thread with your question on any business ideas you would want to start or you need details to start. The forum is www.westentrepreneur.com

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